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Permanent Mission of Iraq hosts the Greek Ambassador.

   The Permanent Representative of Iraq to the United Nations H.E. Bahr Al-Uloom received H.E. Ambassador Maria Theofili the Permanent Representative of Greece to the United Nations at the Iraqi House on 13/06/2018. Methods to boost relations and mutual support of ...

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Permanent Mission of Iraq at ECOSOC

   On 13/06/2018, The Permanent Mission of Iraq to United Nations took place in the election session of the General Assembly of United Nations to elect eighteen countries for the membership of the United Nations Economic and Social Council (SCOSOC) for ...

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General Assembly Adopts Resolution on Protecting Palestinian Civilians

    13/06/2018, The General Assembly of United Nations held an emergency meeting to vote on a draft resolution on the protection of the Palestinians civilian population presented by Algeria on behalf of the Arab Group at United Nations. This resolution ...

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Election of the independent experts of the committee of the rights of persons with disabilities

         The committee of the persons with disabilities held a meeting attended by the António Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations and all the Sates parties to the convention at the United Nations headquarter on 12/06/2018, to ...

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Iraqi mission hosts Wisconsin University

    The permanent Mission of the Republic of Iraq to the United Nations in New York hosted a group of Political Science students of Wisconsin university on 07/06/2018, to present a lecture on Iraq and its relationship with the United ...

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Meeting of the First Committee

In his capacity as the chairperson of the First Committee of the 72 session of the GA, H.E. Mohammed Hussein Bahr AlUloom, Permanent Representative chaired the First Committee (Committee on Disarmament and International Security) meeting at the United Nations General ...

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ELECTION OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE General Assembly session 73

  On 05/06/2018 at the elections session attended by all State-Members to the United Nations, Iraq participated to elect the President of the General Assembly Session 73 for the period (September 2018 - September 2019), where Ms. Maria Fernanda Espinosa of ...

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Tag: cultural heritage

Press Conference on the efforts to save the cultural heritage of Iraq

Minister of State, Ms. Maria Böhmer (Germany); H.E. Mr. Mohamed Ali Alhakim, Permanent Representative of Iraq to the UN; and the Director General of the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), Ms. Irina Bokova.

2015-05-28-01 - Copy

United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution to save the cultural heritage of Iraq on May 28, 2015 unanimously by its members in response to the terrorist acts carried out by the terrorist gangs of Daash of smashing and looting Iraqi antiquities and heritage. continue reading…