Mohamed Ali Alhakim

Permanent Representative of Iraq

United Nation, NY



Work Experiences/Positions

Extensive experience for 37 years in multiple Government positions, multilateral and bilateral diplomacy with deep knowledge of United Nations methods and programs, also in Private Sector development, partnerships, finance, management and Merger and Acquisition, And in Academic with research, teaching and development



Government Experiences

14 Years of experience in Government Cabinet level positions, Executive and legislative experience, Economic Advisor, Negotiations, Management, Budget implementation:

  • Iraq Minister of Communications
  • Acting Iraq Minister of Finance
  • Coordinator of Ministry of Planning
  • Deputy Secretary General of Iraq Governing Council
  • Chairman of the Arab ministers of Communications
  • Elected Member of Iraq National Assembly and Foreign Relations Subcommittee
  • Chairman of the Reconstruction of City of Najaf
  • Cabinet Member of Iraq’s Council of Minsters Services subcommittee
  • Economic Advisor to the Vice President of Iraq


Foreign Service

12 Years as Ambassador and director of major department at the Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs includes supervision of daily activities of more than 50 Iraqi embassies abroad, more than 500 diplomats, and mange day to day activates of foreign embassies in Baghdad:

  • European Department: managed 28 Iraqi Embassies, Consulates and Cultural sections including 30 Ambassadors direct report
  • Arab Department: managed 22 Iraqi Embassies, the Arab League, Iraqi Consulates, Arab and UN organizations such as ESCWA, EMRO, arb Labor and Technology includes 23 Ambassadors direct report
  • Policy Planning Department: Managing highly qualified diplomats, oversee research and development and follow-up of important international issues
  • International Organization Department: Managing activities of Permanent Missions to the United Nations, its Organizations and interact with their offices in Iraq


United Nations

10 Years of direct experience with the United Nations and its Organizations in Iraq and as Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Iraq to UN Geneva and UN Head Quarter in New York:

  • Director of department of International Organizations at the Iraqi Foreign Ministry and interaction with UN organization in Iraq and worldwide
  • Permanent Representative & Ambassador of Iraq to United Nations in Geneva
  • Permanent Representative & Ambassador of Iraq to United Nations in New York
  • Direct working relationships with UN organizations: WTO, WHO, ILO, WIPO, ITU, UNCTAD, Human Rights Council, UNHCR, IOM, ICRC, Commissioner office of Human Rights, OCHA, and Direct working relationships with UN Security Council, General Assembly, ECOSOC, UNDP, UNICEF, UNSCO, OCHA, G77&China, DPA, DSA, C24, and others
  • Strong participation in development and follow-up of UN MDG /2000 between Iraq and UN agencies
  • Elected, Chaired, and served as member of several UN Conferences and committees
  • Sponsored on behalf of Iraq side events on Cultural Heritage, Human Rights, Di-Mining, Gender equality, Counter Terrorism, Conflict Preventions
  • Continuous follow-up on the implementation of 17 SDGs including development of Iraq country specific programs and coordinate with UN agencies
  • Member of UN Code of Conduct, Mediations, SDG 1,5, 10, and Technology to assist SDG development groups
  • Direct interaction with UN mission in Iraq UNAMI, its SRSG and UN Country team


Donors and Partnerships

14 Years of experience working with donor countries to assist Iraq in its redevelopment, Internal Displaced People IDPs, Counter Terrorism,  Di-mining, and Humanitarian Assistance:

  • Established strong working relationships with donor countries such as European, USA, Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Kuwait, and others who participated and pledged contributions to rebuild Iraq in several conferences like Madrid, Tokyo, Sharm el shiek, Stockholm and Dead See in Jordan
  • Established strong bilateral partnerships with countries to sponsor projects in Iraq like Di-mining, training our police forces, saving Heritage, Mosul Dam, Educations, rebuilding schools and others
  • Strong participation in specific Donner conferences like in Washington DC 2016 with 24 countries pledged $2.1 Billion to UN fund to rebuild the liberated area of Mosul, and at the UN HQ with EU members, USA, Iraq and UN where European countries pledged $95 million for the reconstruction of city of Mosul
  • Worked with German mission at the UN to sponsor a $15 million project on Di-mining in Iraq with UNMAS
  • Worked with Japan mission at UN to pledge more than $100 million to assist Iraq in rebuilding cities after defeat of Daesh
  • Worked with Italian mission at the UN on sponsoring projects to digitize Iraq Heritage and Antiquities, train our police, and bring highly qualified engineers to repair Mosul Dam with $350 million


Private Sector

15 Years of experience working in private sector area with large, medium and small companies including Management, Merger and Acquisition, Research and Development, and Marketing:

  • Director and Worldwide manager of a division of a large Technology company
  • Consultant in Management and Technology to manage large scale projects
  • Entrepreneur in establishing a small niche technology company
  • Experience in Merger and Acquisition of medium and small companies
  • Delivered Specialized seminars on technology development
  • Managed large scale projects of all phases from plan to design to implementation and budgeting
  • Designed and implemented train the trainer courses for large companies


Finance and Budgeting

Multi Years of experience in Finance and Budgeting at the Private Sector and Government levels:

  • As Iraq Cabinet Minister of Communication, managed and developed a annual budget for 3 major divisions, 22000 employees and more than 55 simultaneous projects of $400 million annual budget for day to day operation, investment, contracts and project developments
  • Managed with a budget of $50 million a team of 4 Iraqi ministries for the implementation of the reconstruction of the city of Najaf by renovating school buildings, University of Kufa’s facilities, Electric Powers restoration and supplies, Land and mobile telephone lines restorations, and rehabilitating three major hospitals a woman, a children and a medical teaching hospitals
  • Experience in preparation, estimation and execution of annual budget as an Ambassador, member of senior staff of the Foreign Ministry of Iraq and director of several departments in estimating required number of new diplomats, administrative personal and cost associated with running our embassies worldwide
  • Managing division of private sector companies require on quarterly basis to provide upper management with finance, budget cost of operation, project over-run and profit margin
  • Developed Cost-sharing concept where a large scale projects are co-financed based on phases and speed of implementation


Meetings and Conferences

30 Years of experience in participating in Government, non-government, academic, and private sector conferences and meetings:

  • Attended with Iraq PM several high-level meetings with countries Presidents, Kings, Prime Ministers, UN Secretary General, Arab League Secretary General and other high level delegations
  • Attended as part of Iraq delegation Four Arab Leaders summit in Tunisia, Algeria, Qatar and Baghdad
  • Chaired Iraq delegations to several bilateral and multilateral ministerial meetings
  • Wide experience and knowledge in UN organizations and agencies based meetings as an Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Iraq in Geneva and New York including side events
  • Chaired as elected Ambassador several UN committees and subcommittees, UN Ambassadorial meetings of Asia, Arab and other groups
  • Keynote speaker in conferences on Iraq at the UN, Universities, and twice selected by UNITAR to speak to new Diplomats from 193 countries on UNGA agendas
  • Participated in several donor conferences on Iraq
  • Participated as a panelist in many events on counter terrorism, humanitarian assistance, gender equality, diversity and women empowerment
  • Participated in many technology and management conference during my work in the private sector and academia


Academia and Research

8 years of Academia and Research experience at University level including teaching of graduate and undergraduate courses, conducting research and development, and formulate partnerships between university and private sector:

  • Very enjoyable and fruitful experience teaching university courses in management, software development, mathematics, and other courses
  • Formulate partnership with private sector companies to sponsor students, research and development and training
  • Moved on to lecture at Iraq Foreign Ministry diplomatic institute in Baghdad as an Ambassador which was a spectacular experience include round-table discussion on major hot political, security and economic issues in our region and worldwide
  • Supervised several senior diplomats research projects on exciting and important topics that is part of Iraq foreign service requirement for promotion to the next level
  • Published articles on UN and political and economic events


Personal Data

  • Born in Iraq
  • Fluent in Arabic and English
  • Educated in Iraq, England and USA
    • Doctorate in Management
    • Master of Science in Technology
    • BA in Education and Statistics
  • Years of living experience in Iraq, England, Switzerland, and USA