July 5, 2020

Iraq’s statement at the Sixth committee (legal) of the United Nations

Dr. Midean Abdul Razzaq, Second Secretary, delivered Iraq’s statement at the Sixth Committee (Legal Committee) session under item No. 86, “The rule of law at the international and internal levels”.

On an international level, Dr. Midean affirmed Iraq’s commitment to respect international covenants and conventions, according to the Constitution of the Republic of Iraq. “Iraq also affirms its commitments internally”, Dr. Midean said, “a commitment to the sovereignty of law, to the people who are the only source and legitimate foundation of the Authorities, as well as a commitment to a peaceful transfer of power through the democratic mechanisms listed in the Constitution, and to the independence of the judiciary”.

The statement focused on several issues, such as care and protection for women and children, combating human trafficking, and achieving the goals of a sustainable development based on social justice, equality and decent work without discrimination. Dr. Midean stressed also the importance of encouraging investment to re-build the Iraqi economy and of Iraq’s decision to join a number of international conventions and treaties with a view to strengthening the Rule of Law.