July 5, 2020

Iraqi Delegation delivers statement of Iraq in the Third Committee on the report of the High Commissioner for Refugees in the work of the General Assembly, 73rd session on 31/10/2018

On 31/10/2018, Third Secretary Abdullah Wajih Abdullah delivered the statement of the Republic of Iraq to the Third Committee on the report of the High Commissioner for Refugees.

In which he referred that, the Iraqi Government values all the efforts made by the High Commissioner for Refugees, the relevant bodies and agencies of the United Nations aimed at preserving the rights and dignity of the refugees.

Also, he stressed on Iraq’s position, that is based on the Constitution, international humanitarian law and international conventions, in dealing with the issue of asylum and voluntary return, as well as pointing out the role of the Iraqi security forces in their just war against terrorist organizations by opening safe paths for civilians to provide safe exit for them, And the return of displaced families to their areas of residence.

The delegation of the Republic of Iraq also called for redoubling efforts to examine the possibility of applying new options to provide legal means for the migration of individuals for humanitarian reasons and to expedite the implementation of reforms in this regard, as well as commended the efforts exerted by the United Nations and its competent agencies and Member States to implement the Comprehensive Refugee Response Framework, Stemming from the historic New York Declaration on Refugees and Migrants.