October 25, 2020

Iraq is the head of the Arab Group in New York

At the level of Permanent Representatives in New York, the Arab Group held its session, chaired by the Permanent Representative of Iraq, Ambassador Mohammed Hussein Bahr Al-Uloom, on Wednesday 5/2/2020, to discuss an item on the agenda that includes Arab action at the United Nations in the light of Resolution No. 8457 entitled ” US-Israel Century Deal Plan “issued by the Arab League Council meeting at the ministerial level in its extraordinary session held on 1/2/2020.

Iraq affirmed its unwavering stance on the Palestinian issue, and its rejection of the plan that prejudices the right of the Palestinian brothers and robs their rights and lands.

The Palestinian Representatives, Ambassador Riyad Mansour, also briefed the members of the group of his country’s actions after announcing the plan:

  • The deal of the century began to manifest itself two years ago, when the United States of America recognized Jerusalem, the capital of the Israeli occupation authority.
  • The plan contains boring details, but it is full of poison and constitutes an aggression against the national rights of the Palestinian people. Therefore, the Palestinians can only deal with it on this basis.
  • The plan places the security interests of Israel above all considerations and no mention of the sovereignty of the Palestinian state. It also eliminates the refugees ’right to return. The Al-Aqsa Mosque is called the “Temple Mount,” and a Muslim has the right to pray only if he meets the security requirements.
  • The Palestinian strategy in responding to this plan. (1) President Abbas meets with all Palestinian leaders, including those of Hamas and Islamic Jihad, all united to support the president, 2- Sending a high-level delegation to Gaza to agree on a mechanism to counter the attack against the Palestinians.
  • The call to a meeting of the Arab Cabinet, followed by a meeting of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation executive committee, a collective position was adopted represented in rejecting the American-Israeli vision.
  • The Palestinian Prime Minister, accompanied by a high-level delegation, participate in the African Union summit, expressing the hope that a statement similar to the one issued by the two organizations above will be issued.
  • The Palestinian delegation coordinates with Tunisia, Indonesia and all the members of the Non-Aligned Movement in the Security Council, to present a draft resolution to members of the Council that rejects the US administration’s plan and focuses on international law and United Nations and Security Council resolutions. Deterring the annexation of occupied Palestinian land before it happened, because the American plan gave the Israelis a license to annex settlements and parts of the West Bank, and the Jordan Valley, and work is continuing to obtain the support of 14 member states of the Security Council (with the certainty that the United States will use the veto) to work on Obtaining political legitimacy rejecting the plan, in addition to its legal illegality.
  • Inviting all member states to join the decision, especially Arab and Islamic ones, based on the decisions taken by the two organizations.