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PR of Iraq meets with USG Special Advisor for the Prevention of Genocide

  As part of the efforts to increase the corporation between Iraq and the United Nations, the Iraqi Permanent Representative Ambassador Bahr AlUloom met with USG Special Advisor for the Prevention of Genocide Mr. Adama Dieng On May 15th, 2018. ...

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Speech of Iraq at the Administrative and Budgetary Committee

   The Administrative and Budgetary Committee held its second part of the resumed seventy-second session on 14 May 2018, to consider a number of items related to financing the United Nations budget including article 136 regarding the estimated budgets of the ...

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Iraqi PR chaired a meeting of the First Committee on Disarmament and International Security

The Permanent Representative of the Republic of Iraq H.E Ambassador Mohammed Hussein Bahr AlUloom, chaired a meeting of the First Committee on Disarmament and International Security on 14 May 2018.  During The meeting; the members discussed the mechanisms of the ...

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Iraq to the Vote 2018

5/10/2018, Iraqi legislative elections began today for Iraqi nationals residing outside Iraq as the Independent High Electoral Commission opened several polling stations outside Iraq including 18 stations in the United States of America. The polling stations in the States of New ...

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Meeting between Iraq and Afghanistan

On 7/5/2018, Permanent Representative of Iraq H.E. Ambassador Mohamed Hussein Bahr AlUloom received his counterpart Permanent Representative of Afghanistan, H.E. Ambassador Mahmoud Saikal at the Iraqi House in New York, where both parties discussed the promotion of developing of the ...

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Security Coun cil Meeting
Vote on Sudan

Youth, Peace and Security

On 23/4/2018 the Permanent Mission of Iraq to the United Nations in New York participated in the United Nations Security Council session on “Maintaining security and world peace: youth, peace and security”. During the session, Mr. Mohammed Sahib Majeed, chargé d'affaires ...

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The Iraqi Permanent Representative participates in the Ambassadorial level dialogue

The Iraqi Permanent Representative participated in the Ambassadorial level dialogue held at the Permanent Mission of Kazakhstan on April 18th 2018. The meeting was a follow-up on the latest development related to the first Summit of the OIC on Science and ...

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Iraqi Permanent Representative Mohammed Alhakim welcomed the Permanent Representative of Yemen Khaled Mahfoodh Abdulla Bahah (the event was Thursday, August 14th 2014).  The purpose of the meeting was to welcome Mr. Khalid in his new position as Permanent Representative to the UN for the Republic of Yemen. continue reading…

The Republic of Iraq officially joined the Group of Friends for International Mediation at the United Nations, which includes 47 members, and Iraq officially received a formal letter from Group co-chairs Finland and Turkey informing them of approval.  Iraq is now the 48th member of the Group.



The Permanent Representative of the Mission of the Republic of Iraq to the United Nations Mohammed Ali Alhakim met the Permanent Representative of New Zealand to the United Nations Jim McLay at the Mission of Iraq on 8/13/2014 where the two discussed the latest developments in Iraq. continue reading…



Permanent Representative Mohammed Alhakim delivered a speech to the United Nations Security Council on 7/23/2014 where he discussed the Iraqi Government’s resilience against the aggressive terrorist attacks carried out by so-called ISIS which has resulted in the displacement of more than 1million Iraqi citizens from their homes to other regions of the country.



The members of the Security Council welcome the holding of timely parliamentary elections in Iraq on 30 April, and commend the people of Iraq for demonstrating their commitment to a peaceful, inclusive and democratic political process.  continue reading…