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Efforts to save the cultural heritage of Iraq (Germany, Iraq, UNESCO)

Press Conference on the efforts to save the cultural heritage of Iraq Minister of State, Ms. Maria Böhmer (Germany); H.E. Mr. Mohamed Ali Alhakim, Permanent Representative of Iraq to the UN; and the Director General of the UN Educational, Scientific and ...

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United Nations General Assembly Adopts an International Resolution to Save Iraq's Cultural Heritage

United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution to save the cultural heritage of Iraq on May 28, 2015 unanimously by its members in response to the terrorist acts carried out by the terrorist gangs of Daash of smashing and looting ...

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Iraq's Permanent Representative Gives a Speech in UNSC

Iraq's Permanent Representative to the UN, Mohammed Ali Al Hakim, gave Iraq's speech during the UN Security Council's open session held on May 14, 2015 on the UN Secretary General's 3rd report on the progress made to implement the UNAMI ...

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The Permanent Representative Meets the Representative of Secretary-General

The permanent representative Ambassador Mohammed Ali Hakim met on May 13/2015 the Secretary General of the United nations Mr. Jan Kubiš . During the meeting they reviewed most of the political and security events and the international support to Iraq ...

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Permanent Representative of Iraq to the United Nations Delivers a Speech in front of the Security Council

The Permanent Representative of Iraq to the United Nations, Dr. Mohammed Ali Hakim, delivered a speech in the open debate of the Security Council, which was held on 13 May 2015 on small arms session. Dr. Hakim referred in his speech ...

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Columbia University Hosts Two-Day Conference on Iraq

Ambassador Mohammed Alhakim, Permanent Representative of Iraq to the United Nations, delivered the opening remarks at Columbia University's conference on Iraq entitled Radical Increments Towards New Platforms Engaging Iraqi Studies.  The conference was a critical and analytical success and was ...

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Iraq Elected Vice-President of the NPT Review Conference

Iraq was elected on April 27, 2015 as a Vice President of the NPT review conference in 2015 a representative of the Non-Aligned Movement group. It is worth mentioning that this post is the second of its kind related to disarmament, in ...

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Permanent Representative Mohammed Alhakim delivered a speech to the United Nations Security Council on 7/23/2014 where he discussed the Iraqi Government’s resilience against the aggressive terrorist attacks carried out by so-called ISIS which has resulted in the displacement of more than 1million Iraqi citizens from their homes to other regions of the country.



The members of the Security Council welcome the holding of timely parliamentary elections in Iraq on 30 April, and commend the people of Iraq for demonstrating their commitment to a peaceful, inclusive and democratic political process.  continue reading…