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Permanent Mission participated in meeting of General Assembly with ECOSOC

Thursday 31/1/2019, The Permanent Mission of Iraq tothe United Nations participated in the open dialogue session held by theGeneral assembly of the United Nations with ECOSOC. The session included a detailed explanation of thejoint work between the General Assembly and ...

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Permanent Representative met the Assistant Director of the United Nations Counter-Terrorism Office

Tuesday12/2/2019, The Permanent Representative of the Republic of Iraq to UnitedNations met with Mr. Streven Siqueira the Assistant Director of the UnitedNations Counter-Terrorism Office. Mr. Siqueira explained the details of hisvisit to Baghdad and holding a wide workshop at the ...

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Permanent Mission participated in the art exhibition held at the United Nations

The Permanent Mission of the Republicof Iraq to the United Nations participated in the art exhibition held at theUnited Nations Headquarter with participation of a number of diplomatic artistson the theme of Peace and to achieve the goal number 16 ...

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Permanent Representative met with Special Representative of Secretary-General to Iraq

Permanent Representative Ambassador Mohammed Hussein Bahr Al-Uloom met with Ms. Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert the Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations to Iraq and the Head of UNAMI. During the meeting, Ms. Plasschaert expressed the impressions she formed during ...

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Permanent Mission of Iraq to the UN participated in the Arab Group meeting

On7/2/2019, Mr. Mohammed Saheb the Deputy Permanent Representative participatedin the Arab Group meeting at the level of Permanent representative accreditedto the United Nations in New York. The Permanent Representative of Lebanon presidesthe session as Lebanon is the Current president of ...

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Iraqi Mission Participates in the meeting of the Arab Group at the level of disarmament experts

Iraqi Mission Participates in the meeting of the Arab Group at the level of disarmament experts

6/2/2019, The Permanent Mission of Iraq participatedin the meeting held by the Arab Group at the level of disarmament experts.The meeting reviewed the disarmament agenda in NewYork for the next session of the United Nations Disarmament Commission, whichwill meet in ...

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A business lunch brings the UK Permanent Representative together with the Iraqi Permanent Representative

February 5th 2019,The PermanentRepresentative of the United Kingdom convened a business lunch for thePermanent Representative, in which they discussed the priorities of the Iraqigovernment's work including: openness to the international community, Iraq'srelations with neighboring countries and the challenges that Iraq ...

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February 5th 2019,The Permanent Representative of the United Kingdom convened a business lunch for the Permanent Representative, in which they discussed the priorities of the Iraqi government’s work including: openness to the international community, Iraq’s relations with neighboring countries and the challenges that Iraq may face during the next five years. Also, Reference was made to the importance of following up the outcomes of the Kuwait International Conference on Iraq Reconstruction.

They discussed the most important issues related to the International Investigation Team (UNITAD), which was formed in accordance with Resolution 2379 (2017) and to proceed with the mechanism of selecting the Iraqi team to join the international team, as well as they discussed the main obstacles facing the UNITAD work. The Permanent Representative stressed the keenness of Iraq to implement the provisions of the Security Council resolution as stipulated in the terms of reference of the investigation team.

The Permanent Representative affirmed her country’s support for the political process in Iraq, the international investigation team as well as the Kingdom’s keenness on the unity and security of Iraq as it constitutes the security of the entire region

On 24 January 2019, the Permanent Representative participated in the Arria Formula, held by the Security Council under the auspices of Germany, the United Kingdom and Peru, entitled “What is Next for Women, Peace and Security in the Middle East and North Africa: The Possibilities of the National Plan”. In his speech, the Permanent Representative highlighted the role of the first national plan for the implementation of Security Council resolution 1325, adopted by Iraq for the period 2014-2018, in empowering Iraqi women and their participation in decision-making at the highest levels. In which it is the first national plan on the subject in the Middle East and North Africa, as well as the ongoing work on the formulation of the second national plan in collaboration with all relevant government bodies, the United Nations, civil society and stakeholders. In his speech, the Permanent Representative addressed what had been accomplished in the first national plan; In the field of justice, the number of female judges in Iraq until 2003 was only 18, while 113 judges in 2017. In the Kurdistan Region, we have 87 women judges and prosecutors after the implementation of the national plan. The number of women in the Ministry of the Interior amounted to approximately 10059. In 2018, Iraq held parliamentary elections, and the total number of candidates was 7018, competing for 329 seats in the House of Representatives. And 83 women were able to reach the current House of Representatives, constituting 25% of the total members of the Council.


On February 1st,  the Deputy Permanent Representative preside the third panel as Vice-Chairperson of the 63rd session of the Commission on the Status of Women, entitled “Impact of sustainable infrastructure on gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls”.

The panel discussion was part of the Multi-Stakeholder Forum activities series of the United Nations Women’s and Gender Equality (UN Women’s), and was attended by a large number of delegates from Member States, representatives of United Nations committees, bodies, specialized agencies and civil society institutions.

The Forum will be held to exchange ideas and experiences related to the main themes of the Commission’s work program, namely the three pillars of social protection, public services for women and girls and sustainable infrastructure, within the framework of preparations for the meetings of the Commission on the Status of Women in March.

Thursday, 31 January 2019, The Permanent Mission of the Republic of Iraq to the United Nations in New York, participated in the monthly meeting at the ambassadorial level of the Coordinating Bureau of the Member States of the Non-Aligned Movement. During the meeting, the activities of the Head of the Bureau (Delegate of Venezuela) were heard during the past month as well as the activities of the Movement’s coordinators in the working groups on various issues and matters such as the activities of the Coordinator of the Working Group to revitalize the work of the General Assembly, the Coordinator of the Peace building Commission Working Group, the coordinator of the working group of Peacekeeping operations and movement coordinator in the Security Council.

At the end of the meeting, the representative of Palestine reviewed the latest developments in the occupied Palestinian territories, including East Jerusalem.

Deputy Permanent Representative Mr. Mohammed Sahab Marzouk delivered the speech of Iraq at the open dialogue session of the Security Council held in New York on 25/1/2019 on the discussion of the impact of climate-related disasters on international peace and security, Where he noted that the large river basins, in the Middle East in particular, are under great pressure and stress due to two factors; first: Competition for uses and control of shared water resources

In the absence of effective bilateral or multilateral agreements or regional frameworks for the equitable and reasonable use of shared water or arising out of indifference to the application of the principles of international law and its well-known terms of reference, guaranteeing the rights of all States Rations. Second: the results of the climate change.

If it is necessary to give an example; the deterioration of the environment of the Iraqi delta at the mouth of the Gulf, and the famous waterway known as “Shatt al-Arab” The historical location of the legend of Sinbad and the Garden of Eden in sacred books and religions, is a stark example of the forced transformation of a freshwater ecosystem rich in biodiversity and rich in fertile soil, with dense forests of palm trees, into a saltwater environment as a result of the decline in freshwater intake from its tributaries.

We cannot ignore the reference to the destruction caused by terrorism in civilian facilities, water facilities in particular, noting that terrorism is a global phenomenon, not a domestic phenomenon.

On Friday 25/1/2019, the Permanent Mission of the Republic of Iraq in New York held a reception to the United Nations Delegations Women Club (UNDWS) to celebrate the first anniversary of the victory over DAESH (ISIS).

The program includes a review of Iraq’s historical stages and the culmination of Iraq’s victory over ISIS Through a special documentary film and activities that reflect the Iraqi heritage.

On 18/1/2019, H.E. Ambassador Mohammed Husein Bahr Al-Uloom the Permanent Representative attends the first meeting of the Group 77+ China in 2019.

The Ambassador delivered a statement in which he congratulated the Palestinian Ambassador on the occasion of assuming the duties of the Presidency of the Group for the year 2019, and the statement include the continued support of Iraq for Palestine and the right of the Palestinian people to live in independent sovereign state, and expressed sincere respect and appreciation to the delegation of the Republic of Egypt for their outstanding work during their tenure of the group in 2018.

The statement also pointed out that the year 2019 will be full of opportunities and challenges. The sustainable development agenda will have completed four years of implementation, which is sufficient to carry out the review and evaluation. The United Nations reform process, the reform process of the United Nations, particularly the development aspect, will continue to be considered and followed up.

At the end of his speech, the Permanent Representative expressed his wishes to the Palestine State for success during its presidency of the Group for 2019. He expressed the readiness of the Permanent Delegation of Iraq to support Palestine in this endeavor and work to strengthen the functions of the State of Palestine during the period of assuming its responsibilities in this regard.