Al-Jaafari meets with Estonian Minister of Foreign Affairs

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On the sidelines of the UN General Assembly’s 73rd session, The Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr. Ibrahem Al-Jaafari met with Mr. Sven Mikser the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Estonia.

During the meeting, Dr. Jaafari extends gratitude for Estonia’s contribution to support Iraq through the international alliance against ISIS, adding that Iraq is seeking to strengthen relations with Estonia on the basis of activating common interests. Dr. Al-Jaafari addressed an invitation to Mr. Sven to visit Iraq and open new aspects for joint cooperation.

From his side, Mr. Sven said that Estonia is seeking to boost the joint cooperation between the two countries in various fields and it is ready to provide expertise in the field of electronic governance, calling for continuation of political dialogues and coordination in international forums for the benefit of both countries.

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