The delegation of the Ministry of Foreign affairs participated in the discussion of item 24 on “Eradication of poverty” held on 17 October 2018 at United Nations Headquarters in New York.

 Mr. Mustafa Thaher Saleh Third Secretary gave a statement of Iraq at the meeting, pointing out that the Iraqi government has recently adopted the National Strategy for Poverty Alleviation 2018-2022, in which it was developed in cooperation with the World Bank to improve the situation of the poor through increasing their incomes, improve their living conditions and promote the social protection program. The Strategy, also, focuses on improving the situation of displaced persons and reintegrates them in the society. Furthermore, the Strategy sets up certain procedures in response to the emergency situations that created by the forced displacement from the areas of ISIS control.

 On the other hand, the statement called for an effective and fruitful partnership under the auspices and follow-up of the United Nations through its relevant agencies, funds and programs, as well as other partners and stakeholders, also, urging them to assume their responsibilities in supporting Iraq to implement its national policies and strategies to fulfill the sustainable goals of 2030 and achieved a tangible results in the field of poverty alleviation.