On 12/7/2018, the Permanent Representative of Republic of Iraq Mohammed Hussein Bahr Al-Uloom as a Chairperson of the General Assembly First Committee of Disarmament and International Security session 72 held a joint meeting with the upcoming Chairperson Mr. Ion Jinca the Permanent Representative of Romania at the Iraqi House.

The meeting was attended by the members of the two bureaus, in addition to the secretariat of the Committee, a representative of the United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs and a representative of the Office of the President of the General Assembly.

He Permanent Representative reviewed the working methods of the Committee and the functioning of the meetings as well as resolutions adopted. He made a presentation on the difficulties encountered in the work of the Committee and how to deal with them.The Permanent Representative of Romania also presented a paper containing proposals prepared by the current Bureau of the Committee on improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the work of the First Committee.