On 11/7/2018, Dr. Hassan Al-Janabi the Minister of Water Resources of the Republic of Iraq, participated in the open debate at the Security Council upon an invitation from the Minister of Sweden that preside the Security Council for this month. The debate was under the title Climate Changes and its impacts on international peace and security that may lead to conflicts as well as joining the terrorist groups. The Iraqi Minister guided the audience through the concerns regarding the pressures that the great river basins in the middle east are facing as a result of climate changing and competition on water resources usage.

He pointed out the impacts of climate change and the exhausting of water resources on soil fertility forcing the residents of such areas to displacement and migration.

He emphasized on the Iraq’s will towards peace, security and development with neighboring countries as well as joint cooperation between the riparian states to receive fair shares of advantages and disadvantages.

He also considered the discussion of the security Council to this subject as a precaution procedure to limit the dangers and prevents upcoming crisis on national, regional and international levels as well as challenges on peace, development and human rights which are the core goals of the United Nations that considered the climate change have a negative impact on the aforementioned three pillars.