IRAQ’s first-time member of the HUMAN RIGHTS COUNCIL

Hammurabi’s Code, a collection of 282 laws inscribed on an upright stone pillar
Hammurabi ruled the Babylonian Empire from 1792-50 B.C.E. He was concerned with keeping order in his kingdom; he keenly understood that to achieve this goal he needed one universal set of laws for all of the diverse peoples he governed. In the prologue, Hammurabi states that he wanted “to make justice visible in the land, to destroy the wicked person and the evil-doer, that the strong might not injure the weak.” The laws themselves support this compassionate claim and protect widows, orphans and others from being harmed or exploited. The code prescribes rules for family matters such as marriage, divorce, and adoption.
IRAQ’s first-time candidature to the HUMAN RIGHTS COUNCIL